New Vending Machine Concepts

Shopping for the holidays is something I love to do, so me and my friend were out enjoying just that.

Instead of searching all over the facility for each other when we’re done though we just wait outdoors for each other. I decided to go over to a vending machine to get a cold drink while I waited.

The one I used only offered bottled drinks and it permitted them to be dispensed completely in an upright position.

The design of the vending is really smart as it pushes the selection forward and then moves it to the side. It is then pushed forward again to reach you.

During the entire transfer of the drink I purchased, the bottle of soda was never turned sideways or upside down. I was able to open it without worrying that it had been shaken up.

All of us have opened a drink at one time or another and ended up wearing part of it. With this ingenious technology behind a machine though it definitely lowers that risk.

This was quite a busy soda dispensing machine that day in just the 20 or so minutes that I sat there waiting for my friend to finish shopping.

Individuals of every age group were going to that particular machine to make a buy.  The older style of vending machines surrounding it were just left alone.

My friend laughed because when she came out of the store I did not rush to show her the items I had purchased. Instead I wanted her to get a soda from that machine.

She liked the idea behind it too. I guess the idea is starting to be advertised because at the movies there was a short skit with cartoon characters inside of a vending machine while a person waited outside for their drink.

I think many vending business owners are excited about this new concept. Some of them will rush out to buy them but I am sure they’re expensive.

The novelty of them will soon wear off and then they could be stuck with a high dollar vending machine they struggle to pay for.

There could  be some quirks to work out with this new vending concept too. You never know what’ll happen in the industry until you give it a chance.

Many owners in this corporation will pay attention to see how well they hold up before they make a decision to invest in them or not.

I only saw one of this type of machine and observed it for about 25 minutes. With the foot traffic I saw at this site as well as directly to that machine, it would be worth it for vending corporation owners to conduct their own observation studies.

They might find that this kind of vending is precisely what they ought to elevate sales in areas where they have plenty of competition.